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Facets of Scottish Identity

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Fa­cets of Scot­tish Identity

Edited by Iza­bela Szy­mańska and Aniela Korzeniowska

szkoci_facetsWith glo­ba­li­sa­tion and mul­ti­cul­tu­ra­lism in­cre­asingly in­flu­en­cing mo­dern so­cie­ties, the issue of iden­tity is ga­ining new di­men­sions, and aca­demic re­se­arch on iden­tity is ga­ining new mo­mentum. The topic of iden­tity finds its place in a vast array of aca­demic di­sci­plines, in­c­lu­ding psy­cho­logy, so­cio­logy, eth­no­logy and cul­tural an­th­ro­po­logy, hi­story and po­li­tical stu­dies, lin­gu­istics, li­te­rary and cul­tural stu­dies. The pro­blem of se­ar­ching for and expres­sing the iden­tity of in­di­vi­duals and na­tions sur­faces in so­cial and po­li­tical life, in­c­lu­ding edu­ca­tion, as well as in li­te­ra­ture, ar­chi­tec­ture and the arts.

This vo­lume of­fers a va­riety of ana­lyses and views con­cer­ning Scot­tish iden­tity. Sco­tland may be con­si­dered one of the most vivid exam­ples of the issue of iden­tity in­spi­ring aca­demic re­flec­tion and re­se­arch from di­verse per­spec­tives due to the country’s in­tri­cate po­li­tical, so­cial, lin­gu­istic and li­te­rary hi­story, as well as to its tro­ubled re­la­tion­ships with En­gland and its com­plex re­la­tion­ships with Eu­rope. [from In­tro­duc­tion]


Table of Contents 

Iza­bela Szy­mańska, Aniela Korzeniowska

In­tro­duc­tion: Per­spec­tives on Scot­tish Identity

Part I. Con­struc­tions of Scot­tish Identity

Piotr Stal­masz­czyk

The Lin­gu­istic Hi­story of Sco­tland. Focus on Gaelic

Alina Do­roch

Scot­tish Ga­elic as a Me­dium of Uphol­ding Na­tional Identity

Ka­ta­rzyna Ko­ciołek

Vir­tual Iden­tity of Ulster-​Scots

Mi­chał Ma­zur­kie­wicz

Sport in Sco­tland. A Brief Study of a Cer­tain Aspect of Scottishness

Mo­nika Izbaner

Mr and Mrs Sco­tland Are Not Dead – Re­sta­ting Scottishness

Part II. Scot­tish Iden­tity in Li­te­rary Discourse

Mario Ebest

Co­ming to Terms with the Agony of the Hi­gh­land Cle­arances – or Not? An Ana­lysis of Two No­vels from the Point of View of Traumatisation

 Mo­nika Liro

The Quest for Norse Roots. Ork­ney­inga Saga in George Mackay Brown’s No­vels and Short Stories

Do­mi­nika Le­wan­dowska

Alas­dair Gray’s 1982, Ja­nine and James Kelman’s How late it was, how late as Acts of Li­te­rary Resistance

Mo­nika Szuba

In­side and Out­side: Scot­ti­sh­ness, Be­twe­en­ness, and Plu­ra­lity in Jackie Kay’s Poetry

Part III. Fe­mi­nist Re­in­ter­pre­ta­tions of Scot­tish Identity

Ewa Szymańska-​Sabala

Genre(s) Re­vi­sited by Gender. Ja­nice Galloway’s Con­struc­tive In­fu­sion in Fo­reign Parts

Ka­ta­rzyna Pi­sarska

Re­turn from the Un­der­world: the Hero(ine) Jo­urney in Alan Warner’s Mo­rvern Callar

 Glenda No­rquay

Re­pre­sen­ta­tions and the Re­pre­sen­ta­tive: Twen­tieth Cen­tury Explo­ra­tions of Gender from North East Scotland

Part IV. Con­struals of Scottishness

Woj­ciech Le­wan­dowski

Scot­smen versus En­gli­shmen: An­cient An­ta­go­nisms as De­picted in a Bel­gian Comic Book

Lu­cyna Krawczyk-​Żywko

‘We­re­wo­lves in Kilts’: The Not So Ste­am­punked Sco­tland in Gail Carriger’s Pa­rasol Pro­tec­to­rate Series

 Uwe Za­gratzki

The Per­cep­tion of Sco­tland in Mo­dern Germany

Mał­go­rzata Czajka

Stran­ge­ness and Fear: De­co­ding the Scot­ti­sh­ness of Sandy Stranger

Part V. Images of Scotland

Sła­womir Wą­cior

From Slate to Ju­piter – Po­etic Pat­terns of Edwin Morgan’s Son­nets from Scotland

Paweł Rut­kowski

Sco­tland as the Land of Seers: the Scot­tish Se­cond Sight at the Turn of the Eigh­te­enth Century

An­drzej We­se­liński

The Su­per­na­tural in Scot­tish Folktales

Mar­kéta Gre­go­rová

To­wards a He­te­ro­gloin the Scot­tish Novel


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