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Boundless Scotland: Space in Contemporary Scottish Fiction


There is too much contact in the world. Too much intertwined. Maybe it is true that we all depend on one another, that everything in the world depends on everything else – but we also depend on the spaces in between.We need the spaces, because the spaces are where the order lies.

John Burnside

In the collection of essays Boundless Scotland. Space in Contemporary Scottish Fiction we wish to open up new perspectives on Scottish literature and examine how it challenges the traditional demarcations concerning space in all its aspects. We aim to provide an opportunity for a discussion about the ever-changing relationship between space and place, as well as that between time and spatiality. We invite proposals of a theoretical character as well as those concerning a particular author or an individual text. Contributions should concern Scottish literature in the last three decades and may offer various approaches to text analysis. Articles may address the following themes:

  • semiosphere
  • literary space
  • semantic space
  • chronotope
  • spatial language
  • production of space
  • spatial forms
  • inner spaces
  • union/disunion
  • betweenness
  • gaps
  • liminality
  • locality
  • territoriality
  • spatial relationships
  • contested spaces
  • cityscapes
  • borders
  • dwelling places
  • poetics of space
  • regions
  • maps
  • utopian spaces
  • forms of Scotland

Articles of c. 5,000 words should be sent by 1 December 2013 to

between.pomiędzy is a series of publications produced under the aegis of the Textual Studies Research Group of the University of Gdańsk and BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY. The series contains both themed collections of essays and monographs. Books may be in Polish or in English. Its aim is to make accessible scholarship that addresses important issues in modern and contemporary English-language literature, and also scholarship that deals with substantial theoretical issues that are of interest to specialists in other fields of literary study.

Publications in the “between.pomiędzy” series are particularly focused on form, as conceived in a broad sense, but the series remains open to scholarship that approaches literature in different but complementary ways.

The overall name of the series “between.pomiędzy” indicates its commitment to work that looks at texts on the borders between genres and kinds, between historical periods and movements, and between national and linguistic cultures.

For further information, see:

The series includes the following studies:

1. Samuel Beckett. Tradycja-awangarda., ed. Tomasz Wiśniewski (in Polish, 2012);

2. Back to the Beckett Text, ed. Tomasz Wiśniewski (in English, 2012);

3. Poeci współcześni. Poeci przeszłości, ed. Monika Szuba and Tomasz Wiśniewski (in Polish, 2013);

4. Poets of the Past. Poets of the Present, ed. Monika Szuba and Tomasz Wiśniewski (in English, 2013).


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