Nowe Szkoty

Gdańsk Scottish Studies Research Group

Project “Translator’s Island”

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The project Translator’s Island is an initiative of the Centre for Translation Studies and the Scottish Studies Research Group at the University of Gdańsk. The aim of the project is to translate into Polish the 50 short stories, poems and essays commissioned by the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The pieces gathered in an online collection entitled Elsewhere have been written by prominent writers not only from Scotland but from around the globe. As the title of the series suggests, its main themes revolve around journey, distance, escape and confrontation with the Other. We hope that our project will grant all these works a new life “elsewhere,” namely in Poland – in top-notch translations prepared by undergraduate and postgraduate students and other translation enthusiasts affiliated with the University of Gdańsk. Participation in the project will provide a  fantastic opportunity to tackle the challenges connected with translating first-class literature.

The original texts can be found here:

Project concept and coordination:

Marta Crickmar

The first electronic volume of Elsewhere translations will be published in December 2013.


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